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Cosmic Sherpa. Liberator of Tantric Avatars. Australian.
Dreems has a message for you and he has built a psychedelic platform for you to view it from. His hypnotic reveries strain and pulse against the restrictive meta-thongs of contemporary electronic lifestyle living to offer a pan-globo-sexual soulstyle for our times. His dubbed-out visions are constructed for stoned Koalas, drunk polar bears and vibe aficionados.

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Dreems’ debut album is a testament to his knowledge of distant lands and musics, taking you on a mushroom-picking vibeabout beyond all borders, whirling in a primordial soup of sonic innovation. Some of the tracks make you want to dance but other ones make you want to lie down with your lovers and have sex and make a puddle of cuddles. Some can even make you think you have taken drugs when you have indeed not… However drug-takers should approach this record with caution, it’ll suck you in and spit you out with your reality tunnel open a little wider than it was before…

“I am on a mission, a quest to free you from the divisive shackles of flags and tongues,” says Dreems. “Whatever your culture, sex, or species, there is a place in your heart for light, sound, and dance, and that is where I will make my zone.”

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