Fabio Monesi

Fabio Monesi

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Hailing from within the elegant borders of Italy, now residing within the rich cultural boundaries of London, Fabio Monesi has been a significant player in the house music scene for around four years now.

The unique gritty club-based sound, upon which Monesi has built his name, is easily identifable in his dj and live sets, in which Monesi brings that hardware- driven sound, that hark back to the classic sounds of house’s golden era.


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Most of his releases have landed on his own Wilson Records, a vinyl only imprint that has also housed records from Chicago pioneers Gene Hunt and Jordan Fields, as well as a few select EPs on labels that share his aesthetic like L.I.E.S.’s Russian Torrent Versions.

In 2014, Fabio began to operate under his alias Hissman, a pseudonym that would go onto release on labels such as ‘Dog In the Night’ and his very own ‘Hardmoon London’, making that two labels under Fabio’s belt.

Whether it be via a no bullshit DJ set or his own take on a live set, Fabio

remains consistent in drawing his audiences back, time and time again,

Assuring to be constantly in-demand as a DJ at some of World’s best clubs.

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Upcoming dates

  1. 2.Feb.2019

    Padova - Extra Extra

  2. 9.Mar.2019

    Berlin - Zur Wilden Renate

  3. 7.Apr.2019

    Turin - Bunker