Felix Dickinson

Felix Dickinson


Felix has been part of the UK’s underground dance scene for the last 3 decades,
learning his trade DJing at free parties and illegal raves and co-founding his first record
label Ugly Music in the 90’s.

Since then he’s produced records for well renowned record labels worldwide including
DFA, Rush Hour, Eskimo, Golf Channel, Claremont 56, Futureboogie and his own label

He has secured slots at well known clubs and festivals across the globe and the last
few years has seen him receive a lot more attention due to his high profile residencies
for Block 9 Glastonbury, Croatia’s Love International festival and Houghton Festival in
the UK.

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Upcoming dates

  1. 5.Apr.2019

    Bristol - The Love Inn

  2. 12.Apr.2019

    Bristol - The Love Inn

  3. 27.Apr.2019

    Leeds - Church

  4. 4.May.2019

    Helston - The Masked Ball

  5. 5.May.2019

    London - The Cause

  6. 17.May.2019

    Moscow - Denis Simachev Shop & Bar

  7. 18.May.2019

    St Petersburg - Tancploshadka

  8. 8.Jun.2019

    Gootwood Festival

  9. 8.Jul.2019

    Tisno - Love International

  10. 13.Jul.2019

    London - Prince Of Wales

  11. 10.Aug.2019

    Houghton Festival

  12. 30.Aug.2019

    London - Shoreditch Platform