A non-stop dark backstreet discotek for homos, heteros, lesbos and don’t knows. A Queer Party for all. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter on our dancefloors. It’s about freedom and love. It’s about feeling it. It’s about back to basics. It’s a red light,  a basement and a feeling. It’s about believing in something. Into our melting pot we throw in all the corners of the pyramid. Boogie, disco, garage, house, techno, outsider pop and vocals from heaven. No height restrictions.

Upcoming dates

  1. 22.Jun.2019

    Birmingham - The Hare & Hounds

  2. 29.Jun.2019

    Manchester - The White Hotel

  3. 9.Jul.2019

    Love International Festival

  4. 24.Aug.2019

    Manchester - Hidden

  5. 7.Sep.2019

    Berlin - Renate