Jackie House

Jackie House

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Jackie House is the alter-ego of Jacob Sperber one of the founding members of Honey Soundsystem. A fixture on the San Francisco dance music scene for the past decade, Jackie is using her powers of evil in 2015 to release a bevy of edits, original tunes, and remixes via labels like I’m A Cliche, Honey Soundsystem Records, and Cybernedits. Aside from her solo appearances, you can find her psyching dance-floors with the Honey Soundsystem crew and steering the ship for parties like Bunker (NYC), Far Away (LA), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Chapter 10 (London), Smart Bar (Chicago), and Honcho (PGH).

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Upcoming dates

  1. 23.Nov.2019

    Prague - Ankali

  2. 8.Feb.2020

    Offenbach - Robert Johnson

  3. 25.Apr.2020

    Leeds - Love Muscles