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Jayda G

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Jayda G is a Canadian DJ that moves back and forth from Vancouver to Berlin. As a music producer, she came out with her first release on the Australian label, Butter Sessions, earlier this May. Jayda G has also recently started a new record label project called Freakout Cult. The co-produced label, with Sex Tags Mania co-founder DJ Fett Burger, was inspired by the Freakout Cult club night the two started in Vancouver. The record was released late September of 2015. A successful mini tour of the UK kicked off 2016 and her first solo EP is due in Spring.


Upcoming dates

  1. 20.Oct.2017

    Glasgow - Sub Club

  2. 21.Oct.2017

    Amsterdam - Resident Avisor @ Radion

  3. 28.Oct.2017

    Karlsruhe - Fettschmelze

  4. 3.Nov.2017

    Tel Aviv - Romano

  5. 10.Nov.2017

    London - XOYO

  6. 11.Nov.2017

    Budapest - Lärm

  7. 17.Nov.2017

    Liverpool - Buyers Club

  8. 18.Nov.2017

    Manchester - The Warehouse Project

  9. 24.Nov.2017

    Brussels - Fuse

  10. 7.Dec.2017

    Hong Kong - Potatoe Head

  11. 8.Dec.2017

    Hong Kong - FuFu

  12. 9.Dec.2017

    Seoul - Pistil

  13. 16.Dec.2017

    India - Magnetic Fields Festival