Project Pablo

Project Pablo

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Project Pablo (Patrick Holland), is a Musician and DJ residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Over the years he has released a wide array of records, spanning energy levels from bed time to peak time. While his long form efforts “I Want to Believe” and “Come to Canada You Will Like it” aim to sooth, the extended plays reveal clubbier euphoric elements, as heard through 2018’s “Hope You’re Well”via Technicolour, and 2016’s “One For Some”, via Clone. Outside of solo endeavours, Holland co­pilots imprints ASL Singles Club and SOBO, all while collaborating with friends under the monikers Jump Source, Rest Corp and 2 Responsible. 2019 sees Holland turning focus to his own imprint Verdicchio Music Publishing, with a string of solo records, as well as a new found catalogue for reserved for Jump Source’s creations.

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Upcoming dates

  1. 29.May.2019

    Zurich - Hive Club

  2. 31.May.2019

    Gdansk - Ulica Elektryków

  3. 7.Jun.2019

    Tbilisi - Mtkvarze

  4. 8.Jun.2019

    Barcelona - The Loft

  5. 5.Jul.2019

    London - Fabric

  6. 6.Jul.2019

    Dublin - Jam Park Rooftop and Wigman

  7. 9.Jul.2019

    Montreux Jazz Festival

  8. 11.Jul.2019

    Dour Festival

  9. 12.Jul.2019

    Lyon - Bellona Club

  10. 13.Jul.2019

    Paris - Concrete

  11. 20.Jul.2019

    Festival Internacional De Benicassim

  12. 27.Jul.2019

    MIDI Festival

  13. 13.Sep.2019

    Into The Woods Festival

  14. 11.Oct.2019

    Leeds - Hi-Fi

  15. 19.Oct.2019

    Amsterdam - Into The Woods x ADE