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Project Pablo (Patrick Holland), is a DJ and Musician residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 2015 saw Holland’s debut full length release I Want to Believe and his inaugural European Journey. Inspired by the depths of dollar bins and adult contemporary, his records cover a wide spectrum of energy and dance music sub genres. Outside of solo endeavours, Holland co-pilots ASL Singles Club and SOBO, releasing collaborative efforts and music from friends. 2017 sees the Canadian musician travelling extensively through Australia, Mexico, USA, and Europe.

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Upcoming dates

  1. 5.May.2018

    Leuven - And&

  2. 6.May.2018

    Southampton - Junk

  3. 12.May.2018

    Chester - The Mango Club

  4. 18.May.2018

    Helsinki - Merikerho

  5. 19.May.2018

    Turku - Logomo

  6. 26.May.2018

    Barcelona - Razzmatazz

  7. 27.May.2018

    London - Phonox

  8. 2.Jun.2018

    Birmingham - Fight Night

  9. 9.Jun.2018

    Lyon - Le Chinerie Festival

  10. 16.Jun.2018

    Brighton - Patterns

  11. 13.Jul.2018

    Ferropolis - Melt! Festival

  12. 17.Aug.2018

    Hamburg - Dockville Festival

  13. 25.Aug.2018

    Oslo - Jaeger