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Gianpaolo Dieli wears his heart on his sleeve, literally. Written in big, bold letters on his arm is a tattoo that tells you to “Share Power.” Sounds serious right? Well, Savile does not fuck around. A Michigan native, resident of Smart Bar, and label partner at Argot records, this man not only respects the hustle of his home, he takes the politics of dancing straight to the skin on his body.

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Not only does Savile want you to move, he wants you to ponder – because the sound of industry, the hard electronic and metallic beats of midwestern techno are not about hypnosis, they are about creation, connection and conglomeration. Naming his original productions things like “Effort Won’t Betray You” and “The Only Rule Is Work” strangers get a sense that this is someone not only with the determination to make it but the ethos to make it better. Thoughtful people aren’t always thoughtful artists, but in the case of Savile – all the details of his output leave no trace of stoner bullshit. In the increasingly depressing world of corporatized music media, .0084 a cent revenue streams, and tyrannosaurus rexstivals, Savile wants to remind you that good music has always been in bed with politics and unclaimed spirituality. 

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Upcoming dates

  1. 6.Mar.2020

    Maastricht - Muziekgieterij

  2. 14.Mar.2020

    Munich - Charlie