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The Backwoods

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The Backwoods is the solo project of DJ KENT

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Respected and widely acknowledged as one of the top DJs in Tokyo, and indeed Japan, he has released three original albums as Force of Nature (alongside KZA), as well as variously releasing music as the Backwoods (ESP Institute), DJ KENT (“In the Bush”on Bear Entertainment), as well creating the “Garalude” project with musicians like Hiroshi Kawanabe and Noriyoshi Sasanuma.

As a remixer he has worked with artists like I boat Captain (Is it Balearic?), Bahagn (Groovement), Kaoru Inoue (SEEDS AND GROUND), Ryoma Takemasa (Unknownseason), Land of Light (esp), Eddie C (Crue-L) , Man Power (not an animal) to name a few.

In 2010, He released “The Backwoods” album, which was championed by the likes of DJ HARVEY, Francious.K, Andrew Weatherall, Eric.D, TBD, and many more.