Tight Pants

Tight Pants

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Some claim Tight Pants is a genetically mutated surf bum washed up on the shores of the Atlantic with little knowledge of his past or grammar. He has a penchant for driving club sounds and beatless krautrock inspired compositions, which with no messing and hype he has been releasing on his own label Scream Time Action.

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Tight Pants has been very happy with the reception to his records, with the likes of Heidi and Bicep welcoming him for his coming and supporting the first release. The second EP is set to drop along and he will clock up a hat-trick of singles before an album will be welcomed in the Summer of this year. Although he likes beatless music, Tight Pants likes nothing better than banging the drums and is currently recording some for his album, if you would like him to bring his records and bang your club, he would love to be coming.