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Zombies In Miami is a project created by Canibal & Jenouise. Their music is a techno hybrid with rock influences, making themselves sound deep, dark but also very dancefloor. The live act is full of energy traveling direct from the synths, drumpad, vocals and any kind of effects making the crowd experience something different, original and powerful.

Zombies in Miami is supported by international artist such as Michael Mayer, Pachanga Boys, Matias Aguayo, Jeniffer Cardini, Tim Sweeney, Roman Flugel, Maceo Plex and more.

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They have been working with labels like Correspondant (Jennifer Cardini’s label), Love On The Rocks, Cómeme and KOMPAKT. They are currently preparing new stuff material to be released on labels like Hippie Dance, Permanent Vacation and 2MR.

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Upcoming dates

  1. 1.Feb.2020

    Cholula - Diente de León

  2. 8.Feb.2020

    Leon - Taller

  3. 29.Feb.2020

    Mexico City - EDC Festival

  4. 6.Mar.2020

    Miami - Do Not Sit

  5. 7.Mar.2020

    New York - Good Room

  6. 21.Mar.2020

    Tokyo - Vent

  7. 27.Mar.2020

    Melbourne - Glamorama

  8. 28.Mar.2020

    Wollongong - Tusk (Evening)

  9. 28.Mar.2020

    Sydney - Tokyo Singsong (Night)

  10. 3.Apr.2020

    Seoul - Concrete

  11. 4.Apr.2020

    Busan - Output

  12. 9.Apr.2020

    Singapore - Tuff Club

  13. 11.Apr.2020

    Bali - Basement Love

  14. 9.May.2020

    Berlin - Panorama Bar

  15. 23.May.2020

    Paris - A La Folie

  16. 3.Jul.2020

    Barcelona - Razzmatazz