Boiler Room


The live recording of Bézier at Boiler Room: Taipei for Spectrum Formosusis now up on SC

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Panorama Heaven on NTS Radio


LA native Bianca Lexis showcases a monthly, genre-blending hour, exploring the different facets of pop, soul, and experimentation in the 1980s. all in panoramic view, for you.

Listen to all shows via NTS Radio website HERE



Blasha & Allatt deliver a blistering mix for Pretty Pretty Good, slamming through 24 brilliant selections in just over an hour and never letting up in either energy or class for even a second. blending linear 4/4 rhythms with a load of more broken, skippy records, it features music new and old from artists including Objekt, Stenny, Solid Blake and Blue Hour



JOMO… The JOY of missing out.

Bawrut, the man behind no less than 15 exceptional remixes throughout 2018, is back in full original EP mode and he’s making his debut on Pets Recordings next Friday!

Tiger & Woods join Orchid


We are delighted to announce that Tiger & Woods have joined the Orchid family for all UK/EU, Asia and Australia bookings.

Marco Passarani and Valerio Delphi have been in a central position in the Italian dance scene due to their activities as DJs, musicians, arrangers and producers since the early 90s. They have enjoyed amazing success as Tiger & Woods releasing music on Running Back, T&W Records, Editaiment and by touring Live and DJ set all over the World during the past nine years.

Watch this space for more news about Tiger & Woods’ 10th anniversary and their solo projects!