Finds You Well


Khotin has a new LP, Finds You Well, out via Ghostly International in September.

The ten tracks are a mix of ambient and laid-back dance floor cuts influenced by ’90s downtempo, replete with gentle breakbeats and detuned piano.

The title references the ubiquitous e-mail greeting, which takes on differing levels of sincerity depending on the context. The first single off the album, “WEM Lagoon Jump,” references West Edmonton folklore, specifically the time a kid jumped from a shopping mall’s second-floor balcony into a fountain.

Listen to Wem Lagoon Jump HERE

Groove Mag


Last June Zombies in Miami chatted with Groove Magazine about the present situation in Mexico, its music scene, labels and their upcoming album on Permanent Vacation.

Read the interview HERE.

Recrossing Prior Street


C.A.R. friends near and far have broken down and pieces back together tracks from her recent album ‘Crossing Prior Street’. Radioactive Man, GLOK, Richard Sen, Suzanne Kraft and Trenton Chase remixes recontextualise the album for designed to be played loud in dark, smoke-filled dance floors, or until further notice, the living room floor.



One of our favourites for the past couple of months 📻

Bianca Lexis’ NTS show from last May, a covers special.

Listen back HERE



While scientists are working on finding a cure for the COVID-19 virus, we, humans, can only spread love and support each other. Orchid-AM can only spread love through music and by uniting artists and clubs that are kept apart at these difficult times.

We have asked producers and musicians represented by the agency to come up with some new music in one week, and then name it after a club they hold close to their heart. We have packed it all in a ten-tracks compilation released digitally via Bandcamp, in hope for a return to normality soon.

All sales will be equally shared between artists and clubs.

Artwork by Floating Bastard.

Mutant Radio


MR TC on Mutant Radio last Friday, as part of a day curated by Floating Bastard, resident artist of Klub 20/44 🔈💥

90s Wax


Younger Than Me’s 90s Wax Three pre-order is available now!
Listen to the premiere via Soundcloud 🔈