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Honey Soundsystem, Honcho, Wrecked, the Carry Nation, TNX, and Men’s Room join the THUMP Podcast for a roundtable about the queer underground.

Michal zietara part of Catz ‘N Dogz’s Friends Of Pets compilation


Michal Zietara has contributed a track named ‘Petarda’ for  Catz ‘N Dogz’s Friends Of Pets compilation — to be released in June on PETS Recordings.

The compilation features new music from label owners Catz ‘N Dogz, established Polish artists like Jacek Sienkiewicz, Kuba Sojka and SLG, plus newcomers Earth Trax, Karol Aleksander and Universo. It also includes remixes by Kornel Kovacs and Marquis Hawkes.

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Life Of Marvin


Life Of Marvin is a Joint Venture between Manfredi Romano (aka Dj Tennis) and Marvin & Guy (Italo Deviance’s Marcello Giordani and Alessandro Parlatore), these crazy Italian diggers went deep into the most obscure Italian Techno tunes from early 90’s and what they discovered was quite amazing.

Pre-order and preview via Bordello A Parigi.


Premiere: Stream a Hypnotic Cut from Marlon Hoffstadt’s New EP


At the end of this month, Marlon Hoffstadt will launch his new Midnight Themes imprint.

To kick off his new imprint, Hoffstadt presents a varied sound across the EP’s four tracks, from the crunchy drum-machine rhythms and rolling acid lines of opening cut, “Cyclin Since 94,” to the hypnotic dub of “Chemical Romance” and the smooth, ethereal melodies of closing cut, “Mutual Desire.”

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/IA/ Premiere: Marlon Hoffstadt – Mutual Desire


Our premiere, ‘Mutual Desire‘, is a well-rounded slab of chimey house rife with acidic flares, cottony pads and a driving, bouncy drum work to emphasize its breezy swing with further 4/4 impact. Brittle and crystalline, yet bendy as can be when the bass drops, this one’s geared towards nightly bohemians on the lookout for a safe dreamy haven. Score.

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FACT mix by Josh Cheon


Dark Entries Records boss Josh Cheon gives us a taste of what’s to come with a mix for FACT Magazine of unreleased and exclusive tracks from the catalogue.